From ancient techniques influenced by cultural traditions, through to the wonders of modern day advances, Jannati “Heavenly Massage” selection has been compiled to provide you with a comprehensive range of quality body massage and therapeutic experiences.

Head, neck, & shoulders massage

A soothing treatment for face, neck and scalp using hand and finger pressures, designed to ease mental and emotional fatigue, to release sinus pressure and facial tensions.

AED 105.00  (30 min)


Jannati massage

A traditional massage using variety techniques focuses on lifting and kneading away muscular tension to bring a deeper sense of softness and relaxation.

AED 210.00 (60 min)


Reflexology massage

Special massage that treats pain, soreness or fatigue in the feet, toes and lower leg with a series of specific techniques using wooden sticks to manipulate energy points in the body.

AED 262.50  (50 min)


Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layer of muscles and connective tissue. The pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain. Good to lessen stress, ease aching muscle and revive the senses.

AED 315.00  (60 min)


Aromatherapy massage

A gentle soothing massage using long sweeping movements combined with a personal blend of pure essential oils that absorbed deep into the skin to relieve the stresses of body and mind.

AED 367.50  (60 min)


Pre natal/Post natal massage

Customized for the comfort, safety and special needs of the mom-to-be or for the mom who’s just given birth, this nurturing massage will relieve stress caused by the physical and psychological changes of pregnancy.

AED 367.50  (60 min)


Hot stone massage

This extra ordinary therapeutic treatment uses the power of hot volcanic basalt heated stones are used to revive fatigued muscles, release muscle tension and rebalance the body, combined with an intensive massage.

AED 420.00 (90 min)


Shirodhara massage

Jannati’s signature treatment is a combination of Ayuverdic treatment that involves a slowly pouring of oil in the client’s third eye. It offers a way to relax the body and the mind with the help of oils and medicated liquids. This is a way to purify one’s body and soul. Shirodhara helps to remove al the built up elements that cause harm to the body.

AED 630.00 (90 min)


Hot Herbal Compress Massage

Hot herbal compress massage use to ease sore muscle to ease sore muscles.Most of the herbs have medicinal qualities for the skin as well as anti‐inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

AED 420.00 (90 min)


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